Top Ten Proposal Ideas

top ten proposal ideas

Getting engaged?

Next to the ring, the proposal is the most important part. Here are a few tips to be sure that your romantic moment becomes an important part of your relationship love story.

1. Think Ahead

Proposing to the person you love is one of life’s most memorable moments. It will be remembered forever so be sure to think ahead to be sure it unfolds as you imagine. If you plan to propose on the beach, be sure that there’s not a fun run on that day, with 10000 people there! You might want to record it somehow. In this case maybe solicit the help of a friend who can be there to take a photo or film from a hidden location. Check the weather and imagine how it will play out. A couple proposed with a ring from Trewarnes on top of the Empire State Building in NYC. However it was in winter and with puffer jackets and gloves it became a laughable and windy ordeal.

2. Coincide with Amazing Events

Big Events have their own atmosphere so you can use that to enhance your moment. It might be the New Years Eve fireworks display, or the country town annual pumpkin growing competition. Either way, you will remember the proposal every year when the event happens again.

3. Take Advantage of Magical Settings

There are often pop-up displays or art installations that look so amazing they transcend you to a state of serenity, romance and appreciation of beauty. Flower shows, Art Galleries, Wineries, Sculpture Parks and Christmas Installations could be a good idea. You’ve already got a magical setting, the rest is your own unique romantic movie unfolding. One of my ring customers told me he was going to propose on the St Kilda pier in Melbourne during a summer beach walk. I was so worried about him dropping the ring that I went to check for gaps between the timber boards. (there aren’t any).

4. Nail the Engagement Ring

If you’ve got a pretty good idea of the type of ring your partner sees themselves wearing, it’s probably a good idea to undertake the project yourself. It shows that you know them very well and that they can rely on you to be mindful of their style. It’s important to work with a local jeweller who will be your support person for the life of the ring. They may even let you return or modify the ring after the proposal to make changes if you’re a bit off the mark. The romantic gesture gets big points and shows the effort you have put in to get it right. You can also get a classic Trewarne Diamond ring and bring it back to custom design a unique ring together, after the proposal.

5. Reference your personal story

Every relationship has some kind of quirky history. Maybe its a funny random moment or a particularly fond memory. Like the couple that met while backpacking together in Europe and fell in love in Paris. They went back years later and he proposed on the Eiffel Tower, in the middle of the city that captured their hearts. Another couple, Leanne and Michael, did a 12 month working visa holiday in New Zealand. A few years later Michael booked a holiday for them to go back. They travelled around for five months and Leanne was wondering why he was so adamant to get to the top of the mountain nature walk one day. They did eventually make it to the summit, where Michael proposed. The same summit they had hiked to years earlier. Turns out Michael had hidden the ring in his shoe, inside his backpack for the whole five months!

6. Involve your Friends

Depending on the complexity of your idea, you may need to enlist the help of friends. Maybe its so someone can keep your partner otherwise occupied while you decorate the room, or maybe its so you’ve got someone on hand to film the moment. They may be able to ‘set a scene’ by lighting candles etc in anticipation of your arrival.

7. Go with Tradition

Incorporating some tradition into the proposal adds to the story later on. It’s a nice touch and shows your consideration of family and of cultural values. Many grooms meet with the father of the bride, (or the father of the groom), to ask for their permission to marry the daughter, or son. A guy I know, Kieran, called his partners dad and was so busy he could only get a 40 minute ‘appointment’. After 30 minutes of small talk he overcame his nerves and managed to talk about the engagement. Fortunately it all went well and it turned out to be an emotional and memorable experience for all concerned.

8. Tell Your story in your own word's

It’s a big moment and you want to get it right but give yourself a break, it doesn’t need to be so stressful. Using someone else’s words and rehearsing a script may come across as inauthentic. Just breathe and be yourself. Remember that words from the heart, however awkward or fumbled, are the best. Take a deep breath and let your heart speak. Try talking about the things they do that make you love them, and why you’re grateful to have them in your life. Who knows, maybe your nervousness will add to the romantic story later on.

9. Look at them, not the ring

It’s no surprise that given the build up to such an epic event you are thinking about the ring. Remember that when you do pop the question and present the ring, watch their reaction, don’t look at the ring! It’s a face expression you may only see one in a lifetime so don’t miss it.

10. To party or not to party?

It may be good to give some thought to what you may do after you propose. You may want a quiet romantic evening or you may want to party. If you do arrange to meet friends and family for a celebration afterwards, make sure you can trust them to keep a lid on your surprise, It could be that you need to let your parents and future in-laws in on the announcement before they hear about it from someone else.. If you have a good proposal story or idea, please let us know in the comments below. Maybe you will inspire someone else to propose ! Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter