Daniel Bentley’s collection of artisan handmade jewellery is sophisticated, modern and timeless. It can make you feel powerful, radiant and chic. It can make you feel passionate, emboldened and confident. But, more than that: it makes you feel alive. Whether it’s a unique statement necklace, or a delicate, feminine cuff – each piece has been shaped by hand to bring out your natural beauty.Your style is who you are. Let your jewellery reflect that.From sharp lines and clean edges, to soft shapely curves that have been designed to fit your natural contours perfectly – Daniel Bentley hand-crafted jewellery will make you look and feel like the woman you are meant to be. Browse Daniel Bentley’s unique jewellery collections at Trewarne Jewellery, and begin your journey today.

Our Lovely Customers

“We had a fabulous experience with the staff at the CBD store. We bought a new wedding band and also had my engagement ring remodelled. We wouldn’t trust anyone but the wonderful jewellers at Trewarne.”