For more than 90 years, Trewarne has worked with customers to create their dream piece from scratch, or to take your old jewellery and remake it into a beautiful, sentimental piece that you will love and want to wear. Our team are more than happy to help develop ideas for new custom pieces or remakes of old pieces and provide their expertise. All pieces are made in our private Melbourne workrooms.


We recommend calling our Southland (03 9583 9299) or CBD store (03 9654 9805) to book in a consultation time with one of our senior jewellers to begin the design process.



While the process for remodelling or custom making a piece will be different every time, you can get an indication of what it typically looks like below. Please note that turn-around times run entirely on a piece-by-piece basis and can vary drastically depending on the complexity of the design.



When you first come in to chat with our team, we will begin by discussing your vision and understanding your needs, including your budget. We will inform you of what we recommend and give a broad indication on price. Please come prepared with any images for inspiration that you may have, and if you are remodelling old jewellery, the items you are remodelling. If you have no idea of what you should do with your pieces, don’t worry! Our jewellers and designers are highly experienced and love to work with our customers to come up with ideas and will guide you through every step.



From here, our team will develop a design mock-up. This may also involve us bringing in a selection of stones for you to hand select. We will create a drawing, followed by a virtual prototype of the piece, which you and the team can adjust as needed. An official quote will be given at this time. If you are happy with the design and would like to go ahead, we will then take a deposit.


  1. CREATE!

When the design has been agreed upon, your piece will be made by our expert jewellers in our private Melbourne workrooms. Voila!



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