At Trewarne, we believe that jewellery should last a lifetime. We offer a range of repair and alteration services so that your much-loved pieces can continue to tell a story. All repairs and alterations are completed in our private work rooms in Melbourne.


The following is a non-exhaustive list of the services we offer. Please note that prices are APPROXIMATE INDICATIONS ONLY and subject to the complexity of the repair and the fluctuating gold price. We cannot guarantee any prices without assessing the item in person. Our jewellers will give their expert opinion on what is needed to repair or alter your jewellery. For any queries about repairs not listed below, visit our Southland or CBD stores or call Southland (03 9583 9299) or CBD (03 9654 9805), and our friendly team will be happy to help.


Turn-around times are approximately 10 days, dependant on complexity and number of pieces.


Ring Resizing

Prices below are indicative of a 3mm wide band. Wider bands may incur additional cost. 

Yellow or Rose Gold, 9ct or 18ct

Change of up to 2 sizes            $100-150pp

 Change of 3-4 sizes                   $150-200pp

 Change of 5+ sizes                    $250+pp


White Gold, 9 or 18ct*

Change of up to 2 sizes                           $300pp

Change of 3-4 sizes                                 $330pp

Change of 5+ sizes                                 $350+pp

*includes rhodium plating.


Change of up to 2 sizes                           $300pp

Change of 3-4 sizes                                 $330pp

Change of 5+ sizes                                 $350+pp



Claw Re-tipping

The claws holding a stone tend to wear over time. When they become too thin or break, your prescious stone is at risk of falling out. Our team can inspect the claws on your piece and inform you if it is time to replace one or more claws, making your stone secure again.

Yellow, White or Rose Gold, 9ct or 18ct

One tip                                    $90 each

Two tips                                  $80 each

Three                                       $70 each  


One tip                                    $120 each

Two tips                                  $100 each

Three                                       $90 each


Rhodium Plating

Rhodium is plated on all white gold pieces to give them their white colour. This plating wears overtime and can leave a slight yellow tinge to your jewellery. We recommend re-plating your white gold jewellery approx. every 18 months – 2 years.

White-gold only               $250-300

Two-tone                                 $300


Half-Shank Replacement

When a ring is worn regularly, the shank can wear thin overtime. When left for too long, the shank is at risk of splitting. A half-shank replacement strengthens your ring by replacing the portion of the band that bears the most wear. The following prices are indicative of a ring up to 3mm wide.  

Sterling Silver                         $200

9ct Yellow or Rose Gold         $500

9ct White Gold                        $550

18ct Yellow or Rose Gold       $700

18ct White Gold                      $770



Soldering is the ideal solution for broken chains or the reattachment of broken points on earrings, pendants, bracelets, etc. Price is dependent on thickness and intricacy.

Fine                                         $45-65

Medium                                   $55-75

Heavy                                      $65-85

Fancy                                      $70-90