Effective July 2016

The Trewarne Fine Jewellery website has been made available to customers with the subsequent Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at the discretion of Trewarne Fine Jewellery, therefore it is recommended that customers read all Terms and Conditions carefully before making any purchase.

1. Website Policy

By viewing, using and/or interacting with any of the pages on the Trewarne Fine Jewellery website, and/or by making any purchases through the website, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

Purchases made online at the website will require you to provide both personal information (that which can identify you) and non-personal information. This typically includes:

Your full name
Your residential, business or delivery address
Your contact details, such as phone number and email address
Payment details
All billing information and payment details must be correct and valid. We may disclose your personal information to third parties to carry out credit reference or fraud checks. Although you are not obliged to provide any personal information, there are some products and services we may not be able to provide without it.

Trewarne Fine Jewellers conducts all operations in compliance with the Federal Privacy Act (1988). For further details regarding how we collect, share and store your personal information, or any privacy related issues, please refer to clause 10 (Privacy Policy) of these Terms & Conditions.

2. Orders

All orders made to Trewarne Fine Jewellery are subject to approval and availability. Once an order is placed you will receive an email receipt of order, however this does NOT mean the order has been approved. Trewarne Fine Jewellery reserves the right to restrict or limit any order and to refuse service at any time for any reason. Trewarne Fine Jewellery will not be held liable for the refusal or suspension of service, or the removal of goods from the website.

Once the item(s) has been dispatched and a confirmation email sent your order has been officially approved and accepted. Orders can only be cancelled before they are dispatched. A cancellation fee will apply to any cancellations made on or after the day the goods are dispatched.

If an order is placed for an item that we do not currently have in stock, an advance purchase can be made. Customers who have made advanced purchases will be first priority if limited stock is available.

3. Payment

All major credit and debit cards are accepted by Trewarne Fine Jewellers. You will be required to confirm that any or all cards used for payment are yours, unless you have authorisation from the card owner. All customers will be subject to validation and security checks. Goods will only be dispatched once payment has been debited and cleared. Trewarne Fine Jewellery does not accept any responsibility for delays in the billing and payment process.

Trewarne Fine Jewellery respects your privacy and is committed to safeguarding your personal information. As such we do not store your credit or debit card details on our systems. In the event of theft, fraud, or any loss you may suffer as a result of any unauthorised third-party access to any information you provide when using our website, Trewarne Fine Jewellery will not be held liable.

4. Cancellation of Credit Card Order After Sale

Any order cancellations made on or after the day your order has been approved and dispatched will be charged a cancellation fee of up to 50% of the transaction value, and the item(s) will be recovered by Trewarne Fine Jewellery. A 50% cancellation fee will also be charged if your Financial Institution cancels or voids the transaction. However, if Trewarne Fine Jewellery cancels a transaction, then you will be provided with a full refund.

5. Lay-by and Special Order Cancellation Policy

A cancellation fee of 20% of the purchase price will be charged to any cancellations made within the standard 90 day lay-by period.

A 10% surcharge will be added to lay-by purchases exceeding the standard 90 day lay-by period. Trewarne Fine Jewellers reserves the right to cancel any lay-by order that has exceeded the standard lay-by period.

Any cancellations of lay-by in which the item(s) has been modified in any way at your request will require you to pay for the item(s) to be restored to original condition. This amount will be determined by Trewarne Fine Jewellery, and charged in addition to the standard 20% cancellation fee.

A cancellation fee of 50% will be charged to cancellation of special orders.

6. Lay-by and Special Order Exchange Policy

Exchanges of items on lay-by before collection may be permitted at the discretion of Trewarne Fine Jewellery as long as the new items are of equal or greater value than the original item. Exchanges are not permitted on any special orders.

Lay-by items may by exchanged within seven days of purchase, if collected within the standard 90 day lay-by period. Item(s) must not have been worn or damaged in any way. Any lay-by item(s) that has exceeded the agreed lay-by period is not permitted for exchange.

7. Insurance and Delivery

All items are insured by Trewarne Fine Jewellery during time in transit until the time of delivery, up which a signature of receipt is required. Once the signature has been collected and goods have been transferred to you Trewarne Fine Jewellery surrenders all responsibility for the item(s), to the extent permitted by law. In cases where goods are delivered to a third party (e.g. as a gift) then Trewarne Fine Jewellery surrenders all responsibility when the third party signature is collected. Trewarne Fine Jewellery will not be held responsible for any delays in the delivery process.

8. Refund Policy

Please ensure you provide us with the correct contact information at the point of sale before the tax invoice is finalised, as we will not re-issue invoices once they have been processed.

Trewarne Fine Jewellery may refund or exchange items returned in saleable, unworn condition within 14 days of purchase, only with proof of purchase. We reserve the right to refuse any exchange or refund for any reason, at our own discretion.

Items that have undergone any form of alteration cannot be accepted for exchange or refund. Items sold in ‘as is’ condition, and all clearance stock, cannot be accepted for exchange or refund.

9. Jewellery and Watch Repairs

One of our qualified experts will conduct an assessment of all goods prior to repair, detailing the condition of your item(s) and the repair needs.

We do not accept responsibility for gemstones or metals that are cracked, fractured, chipped or damaged in any way, inauthentic, or become loose during repair. In the case that a gemstone or metal has been treated and this has not been disclosed to Trewarne Fine Jewellery at the initial assessment, we will not be held responsible for any changes in condition of the gemstone or metal due to the repair process.

Due to the availability of parts, delivery of watch repairs can be up to six months. Overseas jewellery repairs can take up to 12 weeks depending on the supplier.

A postage, handling and insurance fee will be charged for all watches that fall outside the consumer guarantee period, or have not been purchased from Trewarne Fine Jewellery.

Repair guarantees exclude all damage that results from general wear and tear, misuse and abuse, or accidental damage.

10. Privacy Policy

Trewarne Fine Jewellery respects your privacy and is committed to safeguarding your personal information. We comply with The National Privacy Principles and the Privacy Act 1988. We collect your personal information for a number of reasons, including:

Fulfilling the delivery of products and services
Providing a more personalised experience
Protecting against fraud and theft
Improving our level of service
Providing information on news, events and promotions by post or email (you can unsubscribe from these by request to our head office or by using the unsubscribe function within any digital communications e.g. email).
We collect information in a number of ways, including:

Directly from you, as you willingly provide it
From third parties, that we utilise as part of our business processes
Via automated systems that collect usage and other statistical data
Webpage views and visits, from your device by tracking cookies within our website, which may be used to remarket advertising to you via Social Media Networks, Google and its associated partner networks in the future (you can unsubscribe from these on request)
The information we collect from you is kept confidential and unless you consent, it will not be used or disclosed for any purpose that is unrelated to that for which it was collected. Under certain circumstances your information may be disclosed to third parties. If this occurs, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that these third parties undertake to protect your privacy. We may disclose your information to third parties, including:

Organisations we use to carry out functions and activities on our behalf
To fulfil the delivery of a product or service
As required or permitted to do so by law
Trewarne Fine Jewellery takes reasonable steps to protect your information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure, including:

Restricting its access to authorised personnel
Using electronic and/or physical security measures
Requiring confidentiality from our employees and service providers

11. Electronic Communication

You are communicating electronically with Trewarne Fine Jewellery whenever you use the website, or send emails. You thereby consent to receiving communications electronically from us (i.e. via email or through the website directly). All notices, disclosures and other communications provided electronically fulfil any legal requirements of communication in writing. Trewarne Fine Jewellery will not be responsible for any inaccuracies in client details.

12. Intellectual Property Rights & Commercial Use

The Trewarne Fine Jewellery website and all its content is the intellectual property of Trewarne Fine Jewellery. Our website is for personal use only. Under federal law, you may not reproduce, distribute, display or publish any of the content of this site, or produce any derivative works for commercial purposes, without the permission of Trewarne Fine Jewellery. Any unauthorised reproduction of the site’s content is strictly prohibited.

13. Limitation of Liability

You agree that Trewarne Fine Jewellery and its affiliates, partners, employees and licensors will not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages that may result from the use of this site or any related services.

14. Second Hand Repair Warranty Policy

Trewarne Fine Jewellery does not provide warranty for any second hand items or for any repairs. You agree that when you accept receipt of your item(s) on pick up, you have examined the item(s) and are satisfied with their condition.

Trewarne Fine Jewellery will not be held responsible any loss or damage to goods, or held liable for any claims pertaining to items undergoing service or repair.

15. Quality and Authenticity of Goods

Trewarne Fine Jewellery endeavours to ensure all goods match their description. At the point of sale, you verify and agree that the item(s) are as described. However, we shall not be held responsible for any goods purchased from us that have not been described accurately by our ultimate supplier. Trewarne Fine Jewellery will not be held liable for any claim in damages, loss or otherwise that may occur from the inaccurate description of goods where we have relied upon the description by our supplier.

16. 3rd Party Insurance Consent

By purchasing from Trewarne Fine Jewellery, you agree to have your contact details forwarded to our elected third party insurance provider, and to be contacted by them. Insuring your purchase with our third party provider is optional.

17. Uncollected Goods

The following procedure will be carried out in the event that an item has been left with Trewarne Fine Jewellery for repair and has become available for you to collect:

a) Trewarne Fine Jewellery will send you notification, either by phone call, text message, email or mail, that the goods are available for collection and need to be collected within 14 days.

b) If the goods are not collected within fourteen days we will send a second notification to advise that if the goods are not collected within 14 days they may be considered as Uncollected Goods and handled accordingly.

c) If the goods are not collected within another 14 days then a final notification will be sent to advise that failure to collect your item(s) within 7 days will result in the goods becoming Uncollected Goods and handled accordingly by Trewarne Fine Jewellery.

d) Failure to collect your item(s) within 7 days will result in Trewarne Fine Jewellery deeming the goods as Uncollected.

Trewarne Fine Jewellery, in an effort to cover its administration, repair and handling costs, decide to sell any Uncollected Goods. These items are marketed for sale through a Second Hand Dealer holding a current Victorian Second Hand Dealers licence. The goods will be sold for the highest price offered within a 30 day period. Trewarne Fine Jewellery will be entitled to the amount outstanding on the repair invoice, and the Second Hand Dealer will take a fee of 20% plus GST. Trewarne Fine Jewellery will notify you in by mail or email if there is any leftover/outstanding amount, and will hold the amount in trust for a period of 60 days.

Failure to collect the remaining amount within 60 days will result in Trewarne Fine Jewellery claiming the balance, and all matters pertaining to the goods will be closed.

18. Uncollected Goods Agreement

By agreeing to Trewarne Fine Jewellery’s Terms and Conditions you accept that any goods provided to Trewarne Fine Jewellery for repair forego the conditions specified in Section 6 of the Uncollected Goods Act (1995).

19. Special Orders

A Special Order is defined as any product that has to be made to the specific requirements of the client. It also includes items that are not in our current inventory and have to be ordered in to satisfy the customer order.