Top Five Reasons To Redesign & Remake Your Old Jewellery

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Your old jewellery can be worn again. Whether it's a ring from a former relationship or an inherited treasure that you would never wear, it's time to do something with those valuable items hidden in your drawer. A good jeweller can redesign an old ring or necklace into something fashionable and beautiful, all for a fraction of the cost of buying a new piece of jewellery. Here’s five reasons why you should consider engaging the services of a creative local jeweller…


Whilst you may struggle to think how something so unattractive can possibly look any good, an experienced and imaginative jeweller can see magic in your old treasure. They can give you plenty of options to rework the gold and gemstones into something that is stylish and fashionable. You will have a ring or necklace that looks new, fashionable and will reflect your personal style.


If you sell your old jewellery for cash you only end up with a small fraction of the actual insurance value of the piece. This is because the gold buyer is only buying the metal and not the labour component. The best way to ensure that your jewellery lives on and retains value is to redesign and remake it. A new ring will come with a new valuation that accounts for the true value of the gold and gems as well as the jewellery crafting time.


It’s nice to have a memento of a loved one but it is better to be able to wear that treasure on a daily basis. By redesigning and remaking grandmas old ring you can take a loving memory of her with you everywhere. Your jeweller can remake the item as it was when she wore it new all those years ago, or you can use the existing gems and perhaps add some new ones to create something new and exciting. The story you will have of how you re-worked your family heirloom is sure to captivate and entertain everyone.


By using the existing precious metals and gems with your local jeweller, you’re simultaneously minimising your carbon footprint and supporting your local economy. Remaking your jewellery is a creative reuse of existing materials that results in a better quality product and a new contribution of beauty to your life, not to mention the pride you have with your new trinket by its comment creating redesign look.


In a world where we may not live close to our families, traditions are especially important. They provide a link to our family heritage and an important sense of identity and pride for the whole clan. A good jeweller can create several items from one original piece, each with its own special link to the romantic family story. You can share and promote your ancestral history with items worn by various family members, all sourced from an original heirloom.

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