Ole Lynggaard


Ole Lynggaard

jewellery design for european royalty.

– Ole Lynggaard

Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is a Danish jewellery company with a distinctly Scandinavian aesthetic. Often commissioned by European Royalty, Ole and his daughter Charlotte have a luxurious design style that appeals to all kinds of women; sophisticated, feminine and modern.

Charlotte has the ability to capture the unique essence of nature in her designs which have a crafted yet elegant and sensual finish. Her jewellery is compelling, unique and destined to become a design classic.

Luxury Scandinavian Jewellery.

The handcrafted manufacture ensures a lifetime of enjoyment as the pieces are made to become heirlooms of the future. The way the gold is hand combed to diffuse the light, gives an understated and animated finish that brings nature to life.
It is a truly intoxicating experience that needs to be seen and touched. We would welcome you to come in and immerse yourself into the entrancing world of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.









our lovely customers

“Had a fantastic afternoon at a special showing of Trewarne’s OLE LYNGGAARD Collection. Champagne and sandwiches for all admirers of this fabulous brand. A representative from the brand was also there adding to the elegance and class of the afternoon. Service was friendly and attentive, especially from the Trewarne family members who’ve been around for a long time.”

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