Nine Perfect Strangers jewellery review

Nine Perfect Strangers Jewellery sets the standard for high-end domestic resort wear

Travelling overseas to exotic and glamorous destinations is always fun but more often than not we have to leave our favourite jewellery pieces behind. Domestic travel affords us better security so now we can choose to take our favourite bling with us and give our jewellery a vacation too.

The production of Nine Perfect Strangers, filmed in Byron Bay, has beautifully curated the wardrobes for stars such as Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy and Samara Weaving and we can derive inspiration for what resort travel can look like this summer. The jewellery in the new TV mini-series, Nine Perfect Strangers, is a mix of both bold glamour and earthy spiritual talismans.

Based on the New York Times best selling book by Australian author Liane Moriaty, Nine Perfect Stranges takes us inside the secluded world of an exclusive health resort where nine stressed city dwellers are seeking healing for their stress.

The show is set at an exclusive health resort in California but was filmed here in Australia, at the stunning Soma Resort in Byron Bay.

The jewellery is a mix of precious and semi-precious gemstones such as turquoise and moonstone with an emphasis on yellow gold and a subtle addition of diamonds.

Apart from the arrival of Samara Weavings character, Jessica, (who arrives in head to toe labels), the style is not at all flashy. Instead, there is an understated elegance of pastel tones and gemstones that reflect the spiritual aspirations of the characters.

Even Jessicas bold gold jewellery has an authenticity. Over past years the trend has been towards yellow gold and away from white gold. Gold is after all, mined as a natural yellow metal.

Gold is real and valuable, having formed with the earth during our planets original inception. White gold and rose gold metals are just yellow gold that have other metals added to them.

In this respect, Yellow Gold has an authenticity that white gold does not.

Holidays are a time to relax and unwind so a stylish resort is the ideal place. Jewellery should be understated and not too serious.

Items with softer tones can be easier to wear and may help you feel more comfortable. Brushed or satin finishes on yellow gold provide muted tones that are intriguing rather than flashy.

Your jewellery can be an extention of your personality. Rather than saying 'look at me' it points to subtle clues as to your true nature and your values.

It can allude to your family history, where you derive inspiration, or be symbolic of a way of living that you aspire to.

Probably because I am a jeweller... this gorgeous Turquoise bead necklace grabbed my attention before I saw who was wearing it.

It is very similar to the style of Danish designer Charlotte Lynggaard. Her necklace, (pictured right), features a combination of turquoise, blush moonstone, serpentine, malachite, aquamarine, white moonstone and chrysoprase.

This stunning and understated string of gemstones comprises subtle pastel tones and occasional bold hues that can add some subtle colour to a natural toned wardrobe. In the show, the principal character, Masha, has added a silk tassle drop to the necklace.

The tassle represents connection to spirit, or your highest truth. These 'Mala' necklaces as they are known, are used in yoga and meditation practices to help the mind focus.

Masha is a deeply spiritual character so her selection of gemstones that reflect wisdom, independence and protection, such as Turquoise and Serpentine is appropriate. The mix of assorted Moonstones symbolises new beginnings as well as representing inner growth and strength.

If your holiday involves letting go of your stress and re-connecting to your inner self and the greater energy.... a necklace like this would be the perfect choice.

Mixed Gemstone necklace featuring Turquoise

Early on in the show we learn of Masha's violent past. someone who has endured childhood trauma and since come to peace with her demons. As a little girl she is shown wearing a gorgeous vintage gold locket. This is probably a family heirloom, most likely from her mother.

Throughout history lockets have secreted keepsakes, often locks of hair or amulets to remind the wearer of someone they love. Lockets such as this one originate from England in the late 19th century when they were especially popular.

We still make them by hand, using the same craftmanship that has remained unchanged for over 140 years

Heart_locket_nine_perfect_strangers_masha_trewarne_melbourne The jewellery in the new TV mini-series, Nine Perfect Strangers, is a mix of both bold glamour and earthy spiritual talismans.  Based on the New York Times best selling book by Australian author Liane Moriaty, Nine Perfect Stranges takes us inside the secluded world of an exclusive health resort where nine stressed city dwellers are seeking healing for their stress.

Melissa McCartney plays Francis, a famous author who has been 'betrayed' by an online relationship scam. Her career is in turmoil and she is seeking help so she arrives to 'Tranquillum' to find some answers.

Her jewellery is made up of very earthy tones. Gemstones such as moonstone, carnelian, golden rutilated quartz and rose quartz.

The rose quatrz is very feminine and is a universal symbol for love, something that Francis would want in her life.

Her stunning gold signet style ring is such a feature piece. It brings an underatated masculinity to her otherwise feminine jewellery wardrobe and shows strength and style with bold, polished yellow gold. Pictured, (below), is a 'Cushion' ring, designed by Charlotte Lynggaard from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.


Cushion Ring by Charlotte Lynggaard

Jessica is the character played by Samara Weaving. As an instagram influencer, her life is lived in the spotlight and as a result, Jessica is self-critical and unhappy. She flaunts her wealth with her clothing and her jewellery. Bold, brash and branded is her theme. From the Versace 'Medusa' necklace she wears in the hot springs, to the Fendi track jacket she gets around in, it is clear that this girl loves to shop labels.

Her large gold hoop earrings are elegantly fine and look great as they catch the light from under her hair. These fine gold hoops are also available in a slightly smaller 50mm size. (pictured right).

Fine Gold Hoop Earrings

Samara arrives in a Lambroghini wearing an incredible chunky chain link necklace. Known as a 'Paperclip' link, this fashionale style looks great in this shorter length or in a longer finer guage.

The design has an interesting history. A paperclip was worn as a symbol of unity and rebellion against the Nazi regime during the 1940's. It was adopted as a readily available item when everything else was in scarcity.

The evolution of this style to the link pictured, gives the wearer a sense of attitude and power.

Trewarnes have this style available in 50 and 80cm, (pictured right), designed in Melbourne and made in Germany from 18ct Yellow Gold.

It also looks amazing as a host necklace for a gold medallion or locket pendant. The longer length gives the illusion of height so pair it with your flowing katfan and appear taller.

Paperclip Link Chain in 18ct Gold
Celeste Ruby Ring in White Gold

Stackable rings are a great way to show your own creative style in a more subtle way. The character Delilah, played by Tiffany Boone, is part of the staff at Tranquillum and so her jewellery is appropriately understated. She has a small collection of stackable rings, the hero piece being set with rubies.

Rubies are a protective stone that are said to being happiness and passion into the lives of the wearer. They are believed to promote spiritual vitality and overall wellness.

the ring pictured, (right), features natural rubies set in 18ct gold in a classic vintage design called 'Celeste', named after the Greek Goddess of the Moon.

Celeste is depicted throughout history draped in the stars of the night sky. Its an outfit thats sure to match all the beautiful jewellery you take on your next vacation.


Nine Perfect strangers is available to view on Amazon Prime in Australia. Images credit Amazon Prime.