A guide to options for Mens Wedding Rings

Mens wedding rings have come a long way since your grandfathers ring. Here we showcase some of the options now available for your perfect wedding ring.





Shopping for wedding rings can be a daunting task, especially for men. With so many styles and materials to choose from, it can almost feel overwhelming. But don't worry! We're here to provide an overview of all the options that are available when it comes to picking out wedding rings for men. Let's take a look at some of the most popular choices.


Metal Types: Men’s wedding bands come in both classic and modern metals such as platinum, gold, palladium, titanium and tungsten. Platinum is the most expensive option but also the most durable as it is resistant to scratching and tarnishing. Gold is another classic choice which comes in yellow, white or rose colours and has a much lower price tag than platinum. Palladium is similar to platinum but lighter in weight while titanium and tungsten are both relatively new metals that are very strong but cnnot be resized. No matter what metal you choose, make sure it compliments your partner’s ring if you both plan on wearing matching bands.


Styles: There are also a variety of styles available when it comes to men’s wedding rings. The most popular styles include classic bands with clean lines or intricate designs with diamonds or other gemstones set into them. If you prefer something that is really comfortable to wear, you should get your ring with a curve on the inside of the band so when you clench your hand it doesn't pinch.


You might want to consider something with unique detailing such as two-tone metals or even engravings on the inside of the ring that hold special meaning for you and your significant other. Whatever style you decide on should be comfortable enough to wear everyday so make sure you try on several different rings before making your final decision!


Textures & Finishes: Another way to customize your wedding ring is by choosing different textures and finishes such as brushed or polished surfaces which help bring out the metal’s color and shine. Hammered finishes create a rugged texture while satin finishes offer a soft matte look; each adds its own unique appeal that can give your ring personality! Some rings also feature carved details which add texture without taking away from the overall design of the band; this type of finish helps give your ring dimension while still maintaining an elegant look.

Be sure to try a few styles on. Rings that appeal to you in a picture may not necessarily suit your hand and/or skin tone. Consulting with a good jeweller will help you determine the width, colour and design that is the best match for you.


When shopping for a men's wedding ring there are plenty of options available from traditional metals like yellow gold and rose gold to more modern metals like palladium and palladium white gold — not to mention various styles, textures & finishes! By considering all these factors you can find a unique ring that reflects who you are as well as being a symbol of your ongoing successful relationship. Remember a wedding ring may be the only jewellery you wear so make sure it is something valuable that you will feel proud to wear and something that will age well for decades to come.

With all these choices available we hope this guide helps make shopping for a men's wedding band easier (and maybe even fun!) so you can find just what you need for that special day.