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Snake charm for leather bracelet - 18ct Yellow Gold


This hand crafted snake charm wraps with life-like accuracy around a leather bracelet. The snake symbolises ‘letting go’ of the things in your life that you’d like to shed. It is a reminder that we are on a journey of constant betterment. The symbolism of the snake has been represented in jewellery for thousands of years. The patriach of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, Ole, first designed and made these snakes in the 1970’s. The expert skill and craftmanship of the manufacture is easy to see as the snake is so animated in its design that it appears to move. This really is a significant item for a man to wear as it has a subtle elegance with a strong masculinity. A future heirloom and an ideal treasure for the main role model of the family.

Available to view at our Melbourne CBD and Southland jewellery stores. Make an appointment to speak to a specialist in-store.