Luxury Scandinavian Jewellery

It was about 7 years ago that I first saw the Lynggaard family’s designs at a European jewellery trade fair and I was very impressed. The goldsmithing skill and craftsmanship of the founder, Ole Lynggaard, is evident.

The work of Ole’s daughter, Charlotte, is even more impressive. She has introduced some truly unique designs into an industry that constantly re-invents the same styles over and over.

Charlotte draws on nature for her inspiration and she sees this world with innocent and wonderous eyes. She is then able to reproduce this natural essence perfectly using precious gold, silver and gemstones.

Where most designers, produce a ‘collection’ of designs, Charlotte is able to produce various collections that seamlessly work with each other. In this respect, I think she is the most talented jewellery designer of our time.

If you were to consider your own jewellery collection, you would know how it is often difficult to wear various items together. Charlotte Lynggaards range allows you to build a fresh and super-stylish jewellery wardrobe with pieces that can be worn together or separately. It is jewellery that compliments and enhances, and it can accessorize to any outfit or occasion effortlessly.

The handcrafted manufacture ensures a lifetime of enjoyment as the pieces are made to become heirlooms of the future. The way the gold is hand combed to diffuse the light, gives an understated and animated finish that brings nature to life. It is a truly intoxicating experience that needs to be seen and touched. We would welcome you to come in and immerse yourself into the entrancing world of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.

Trewarne Fine Jewellery are main stockists for OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN jewellery in Melbourne, Australia.

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