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to last a lifetime.

– Travis Trewarne
Millions of years ago in the history of Space and Time, large stars at the end of their life would collapse and explode into Supernova. This extreme energy environment is where Gold, Platinum, and Palladium are formed.

Catapulted into the vastness of space, over time these elements collect together in a gravity pull that becomes a planet. Earth is such a planet.

Hidden for millions of years we now live in a time when technology can harvest this miracle and human skill can shape this precious substance into a beautifully crafted ring.

A ring to symbolise your commitment.
A ring that celebrates your ongoing relationship success.
A ring to be with you on your journey with love.

Apollo 7 Mens Wedding Ring Melbourne

The Gods

Pluto Mens Diamond Wedding Ring Melbourne

Diamond Set Rings

Jupiter Mens Diamond Wedding Ring Melbourne

Same Sex

Zeus Mens Wedding Ring Melbourne


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“We had a fabulous experience with the staff at the CBD store. We bought a new wedding band and also had my engagement ring remodelled. We wouldn’t trust anyone but the wonderful jewellers at Trewarne.”

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