The world’s most perfectly cut diamond

Trewarne Fine Jewellery are main stockists for Hearts On Fire diamond jewellery in Melbourne, Australia.

Less than a tenth of one percent of the world’s diamonds can become Hearts On Fire diamonds. Expertly selected from only the rarest rough diamonds. Chosen for exquisite optical purity. Each crystal unique, like a snowflake is sculpted into a work of art. Breathtaking beauty and light unleashed with the perfect cut.

Not all diamonds are the same regardless of what you may be told. Certificates and price are only a guide in a very confusing industry.

The whole purpose of a diamond is to sparkle as brightly and amazingly as possible. This is only achievable when a diamond is cut to the highest standards possible.

View the world’s most perfectly cut diamond to see the visible difference between Hearts On Fire and  other diamonds on the market.

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